Christmas 2014

7th Nov 2014 - 31st Jan 2015

Union Gallery ends a fantastic 2014 on a high with a superb, mixed exhibition of gallery favourites with several new additions.

With new work from sculptor Barbara Franc and paintings from David Schofield and Audrey Grant, we are also thrilled to be showing Vanessa Cabban's stunning sculptures.


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Five Faves

Tuesday, 11 November 2014


The Christmas exhibition, newly opened at Union Gallery on Broughton Street, features work by over a dozen contemporary artists: sculptors, painters and ceramicists at various stages in their careers from around Scotland and beyond.

There is no single theme which unites the pieces on show, so here instead are some thumbnail responses to five of them, to which you are welcome to add your own thoughts on favourites between now and February.

Delightfully rain-splashed is the scene above, titled ‘Hanover Street’, by Henry Kondracki. It looks to me like Festival weather, and perfectly captures the sense of colourful excitement in the city at that time of year.  

It doesn’t feel as if the artist plans to stand still. That bus may take him south to the High Street. That slope may lead him north into Stockbridge. One way or another, some discovery awaits.

Alison Auldjo: 'Lifelines'

Wednesday, 8 October 2014

Reviewed by Rhys Fullerton

The Stare

For many contemporary artists, getting their work exhibited can often by the hardest part of the process. Owning your own art gallery should make it easier, but for Alison Auldjo, owner of the Union Gallery, this is her first exhibition in three years. Auldjo is an artist in her own right, but running a thriving contemporary art gallery in central Edinburgh can be time-consuming and leave little opportunity to paint. Lifelines is well worth the wait.

Auldjo’s ability to paint landscapes is clear and seems to be second nature. The relationship between the artist, the environment and nature is evident in every painting on display. One of the highlights is one of the smaller paintings on show – ‘Rural Mysteries’. The bleak landscape is scratched into the canvas and the setting sun is almost insignificant, its light and heat won’t be able to win the fight against the changing of the season.

When Auldjo combines nature and people in her landscape paintings, we learn more about the artist and see a deeper thought process.

Child's Play - No Chuckling Matter


‘Kill'em! Strangle'em! Don't let go! Kill'em! Kill'em! Kill'em ALL!!’

So says Chucky in the 1988 horror film Child’s Play, capturing rather neatly the dark territory children enter alarmingly often and quickly with unfettered imagination.

Play can be profoundly creative and amoral. It gives licence to the violence of make-believe. It sets few bounds. It rarely apologises. It is the kitten's enjoyable rehearsal of a kill.

Something of that liberating darkness pervades much of the new work at Union Gallery, a group exhibition by seven artists invited to respond to Child’s Play as a theme by gallery director Alison Auldjo.

I am new to the work of Mary Archibald, and pleasantly unsettled by the rumpled, rottten-potato quality of her effigies. ‘Ma Hoop’ and ‘Ma Ba’ recall the feral qualities of Archibald’s own childhood. She speaks of ‘bringing to life’ these pieces, of letting her inner ‘bad girl out to play’. I found 'The Christening' (above) absolutely terrifying.

Earth, Sea & Skye


Skye-based James Newton Adams’ paintings in his solo exhibition at the Union Gallery are mostly of people and places in the Hebrides or west coast of Scotland. 

They are rendered in a style which looks, at first glance, rough, childish and unconsidered. A second look, though, soon reveals some very subtle brushwork and a more complicated approach: a process of paring down, refining each scene until what remains is a kind of irreducible narrative essence.

What emerges could be about a longed-for meeting on the beach, the concealed loneliness of an individual or the contested, shifting spaces we share with others. At their best, Adams’ works simultaneously map geography, action, economy, appearance, climate and the unseen threads of spirit and community which link them.

All this, in wonderfully thick, textured, gneiss blues and Atlantic greys, rust reds and lifejacket orange. Here too are the nicotine browns of bars, sombre Presbyterian greens, and the energising white of sea spume, cloud and marauding gulls.

From The Blog

Press Release: James Newton Adams





The exhibition will open on September 4th at the Union Gallery in Edinburgh. With a selection of new paintings and wrought iron sculpture, James invites viewers to look and, as the show’s title suggests, see, through the eyes of the characters in his created world. Using his distinctive and very direct style, the artist reflects on his own experience of life in the Highlands and Islands.

Walking on Sunshine

The Stockbridge Edinburgh website has a lovely article about the five year birthday


Jun 24, 2014

AlisonAuldjoIt’s five years since a 31-year old artist took a leap of faith and decided to open a gallery on Edinburgh’s Broughton Street, just when the country was in the grip of a recession.

To mark the Union Gallery’s fifth birthday, owner and director Alison Auldjo is welcoming back many of the outstanding artists who have exhibited with her for ‘Now We Are Five’, a spectacular mixed exhibition which runs from 4 until 29 July.

The exhibition features artists such as Philip Braham, Annette Edgar, Patsy McArthur, Dylan Lisle, Graham Flack, Norrie Harman, Joyce Gun Cairns MBE, and Audrey Grant to name a few.

The gallery has forged a formidable reputation for showing the work of contemporary artists that other galleries might consider non-commercial in terms of too challenging or too provocative.


Woo Hoo!!!...



Now We're on Video

A wonderful wee video, courtesy of Summerhall TV all about the 5th Birthday show, Now We Are 5! You've only got a few days left to see all of these brilliant works all in one place! (and that place is UNIONgallery of course...) I look forward to seeing you!!

Huge thanks to Summerhall TV and Art in Scotland TV for the video.