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Bunch of Fives

Thursday, 10 July 2014


The Union Gallery celebrates its anniversary this month with a group exhibition featuring work by some of the artists who shown here over the previous five years.

No particular theme prevails, although there’s a general lightness of touch which matches the season and the sunshine-flooded premises.

What follows is a selection of personal favourites, from which others are omitted mostly for reasons of space or some difficulty in photographing them adequately. More images will follow later in the month.

First up is Tadeusz Deregowski’s postcard-sized oil, in which he has reached by his own circuitous route a quickening of texture which reminded me of Cathy Campbell's ‘Afternoon Spider Plant’, shown here last year


Really, Nothing is Black & White

Friday, 6 June 2014

Black & White

The Union Gallery this month features the first ever joint showing in Edinburgh of work by husband and wife Jim McCutcheon and Linda Downie.

Really is an exhibition of strong contrasts and subtle similarities, of memorable images which often raise as many questions as they answer. If there is one thing of which one can be certain here, it is that reality, in Really, defies definition, and can certainly not be relied upon.

Perhaps the most obvious starting point is McCutcheon’s ‘I didn’t do it’ and ‘It wasn’t me’: identical figures of naked boys leaning awkwardly, uncomfortably, against the wall, their gaze cast up, hands tucked behind, elongated chests and genitals exposed and vulnerable.

They are distinguished only by the colour of their ‘skins’ and ‘irises’.


JM2Wednesday, 7 May 2014

There comes a point when words are no longer enough in talking about the works of Jenny Matthews.

Either you get these paintings or you don’t. And if you do, and you love them, you can either spend hours analysing the details of petal and butterfly wing, leaf, stamen and bee leg; or you can step back and unashemedly go ‘Ooooh’ like a child at some particularly enchanting firework display.

Group 13


Friday, 11 April 2014

Group 13 is a combination of highly accomplished and highly rated contemporary Scottish artists reuniting for their third joint exhibition, this time in Broughton Street’s Union Gallery.

The show is loosely a response to the work of 20th-century modernist poet T.S. Eliot. I use the term ‘loosely’ loosely. The exhibition’s theme perhaps owes more to the production skills and literary enthusiasm of the group’s driving force Liz Knox than to any coordinated, consistently considered or explained engagement with Eliot’s work by the exhibitors.

From The Blog

Now We're on Video

A wonderful wee video, courtesy of Summerhall TV all about the 5th Birthday show, Now We Are 5! You've only got a few days left to see all of these brilliant works all in one place! (and that place is UNIONgallery of course...) I look forward to seeing you!!

Huge thanks to Summerhall TV and Art in Scotland TV for the video.

Five Glorious Years

Union Gallery celebrates 5 glorious years on wonderful Broughton Street...




A great preview piece by the ever-supportive Broughton Spurtle...


Alison Auldjo 2

Thursday, 26 June 2014

The Union Gallery on Broughton Street will mark five years in business next week with a mixed exhibition featuring some of its regular artists.

Philip Braham, Annette Edgar, Kenneth Low, Patsy McArthur, Dylan Lisle, Norrie Harman, Joyce Gunn Cairns MBE and Audrey Grant are among those whose work will be on show. 

'I know what genuine/earnest work takes out of an artist,’ says Alison Auldjo. ‘It's like putting your heart and soul on the walls for public scrutiny. It's excruciating, and so I try to be beside them at every step of the way.

'A bit of grit and tunnel vision in something you believe in wholeheartedly helps too. You need to have energy, much like the artists' studios where the work is made.'

Cool and Wee

Here's a lovely article by Heather McLeod...

"Alison’s aim is true as Edinburgh’s cool wee gallery takes the fifth"


Alison strikes a pose

It’s five years since a 31-year old artist took a leap of faith and decided to open a gallery on Edinburgh’s Broughton Street, just when the country was in the grip of a recession.

To mark the Union Gallery’s fifth birthday, owner and director Alison Auldjo is welcoming back many of the outstanding artists who have exhibited with her for ‘Now We Are Five’, a spectacular mixed exhibition which runs from 4 until 29 July.

The exhibition features artists such as Philip Braham, Annette Edgar, Patsy McArthur, Dylan Lisle, Graham Flack, Norrie Harman, Joyce Gun Cairns MBE, and Audrey Grant to name a few.